8KAP Qld State Leader Rob Katter has today declared the radical plan by some State Premiers to move century old lever action shotgun technology into the same category as AK47’s, dead in the water.

The extreme plan which would likely result in taxpayer funds applied to a nationwide buyback of lever action shotguns is one which Mr Katter says would have little support.

“To spend money on a buyback so farmers and licensed shooters could then go and purchase new conforming models with 2 less shots is hardly practical,” Mr Katter said.

“The KAP will simply not support any legislation to that effect in the Qld Parliament.

“After talking with a range of stakeholders I’m firmly of the view the Premier just does not have the numbers to get this radical agenda through State Parliament, so they must reconsider,” he said.

Mr Katter said he did not see the need to increase any restrictions on licensed firearm owners whatsoever, however, if he had to choose, he would support an alternate proposal he believes will be put forward by the LNP.

The alternate proposal, if it is in line with Federal National Party policy and other State National Party policy,  would see the movement of all shotguns with more than two shots to the higher category of B.

“Whilst this would increase restrictions on more shotguns than the “AK47” plan, it would avoid the need for a buy back,” Mr Katter said.

“This ensures shotguns would still remain available to licensed farmers, volunteer pest controllers and licensed sporting shooters if they could demonstrate a genuine need for the firearms,” he said.

Mr Katter will advise the Premier of the KAP’s position today ahead of the COAG tomorrow, where a vote on the issue is likely.




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