Attorney-General called in on CuDeco wage crisis

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has reached out to the Queensland Attorney-General, calling on her to ensure all former employees of the failed Rockland Copper Mine are paid their dues.

The non-payment of staff at Rocklands, located just outside of Cloncurry and previously owned and operated by Brisbane-based miner CuDeco, first became an issue late last year.1

The operation was suspended in December, and CuDeco formally went into receivership in July this year.

Mr Katter said dozens of former Rockland employees remained unpaid, and were owed vast sums of money in superannuation, long service leave, annual leave and actual wages.

On Wednesday he wrote to Minister D’Ath about the matter, and asked that she ensure addressing the non-payment of former Rocklands staff be made a government priority.

“I understand the receivership process (with CuDeco) is well underway, with brokerage house Argonaut now seeking to recapitalise on to CuDeco’s assets; this includes Rocklands Mine and another three mining leases,” Mr Katter wrote.

“However my main concern, and my reason for writing to you, is the non-payment of dozens of former Rockland employees since the suspension of operations last year.

“My office has become aware that many employees who were stood down in December are still owed superannuation, long service leave and annual leave payments, while others who have remained on the books are still due to be paid
actual wages.

“We are seeking your assistance in ensuring this matter is not ignored, and is reasonably and fairly addressed in favour of the workers who have been negatively impacted through no fault of their own.”

Mr Katter said it was unacceptable that former hardworking staff, especially in light of suggestions that the mine could re-open under a new owner.2

Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, and his office, have liaised extensively with the Federal Government on the matter, but so far the calls for help have fallen on deaf ears.


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