Banks turns their backs on regional Queensland

Just weeks after ANZ packed up their branch in Ingham, Suncorp has announced it will follow suit by closing its doors.


KAP Leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter said the regional township of Ingham would be feeling the pain of a second branch closure.

“It’s another blow for jobs in regional areas which are already struggling with under employment,’’ he said.

“These banks are happy to take the communities’ money when the times are good but they won’t stick by their communities.

“Banks are predicated on the bottom line, that’s all they care about. They don’t care about people, communities or jobs.’’

Mr Katter said the Australian Government was quick to rush to the aid of the banks during the Global Financial Crisis, underwriting them to the tune of billions of dollars.

“These banks are reporting billion dollar profits year in year out so they can’t possible expect people to believe shutting branches that are vital to regional towns, is going to affect their business.

“ANZ just announced a half yearly profit of $3.3 billion while Suncorp’s half yearly profit was $452 million.

“I think it’s time we created a regional, government-backed bank. The KAP’s Rural and Regional Development Bank policy calls for a new lender that focusses on filling the regional lending gap created by private lenders.’’

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