City-centric Labor strikes again

KAP state leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter has blasted the Labor Government following this week’s announcement it will ‘ante up’ and invest billions of dollars more into south east Queensland – while the regions are left to languish.

“We are seeing billions of dollars for extra infrastructure spending added to south-east Queensland following the release of Government’s Infrastructure Pipeline Report,’’ he said.

“Another pleasure dome, this time a $2 billion Brisbane Live entertainment centre, is one of the government’s new proposals.

“If the government has this money burning a hole in its pocket why does it insist on ignoring regional Queensland? Our regions deserve more support for social and economic reform.

“Many of our hospitals can’t afford the to buy life-saving equipment, forcing people to travel hundreds of kilometres on a regular basis to receive life-saving treatment in the cities which takes a huge toll on the patient and their families.

“Our youth crime rates continue to climb but the Government resists calls to fund a pilot program for the KAP’s Relocation Sentencing program.

“Generous tax arrangements for new mineral and energy projects would stimulate investment in the regional economy, attracting new businesses and allowing them to be competitive in the global market while also helping address the shocking youth unemployment rate of over 60 per cent in Outback Queensland.

“To see the Labor Government announcing these new infrastructure proposals earlier this week is just sickening to regional Queenslanders. It boggles the mind that we have to fight for investment in basic services and infrastructure.’’

The Labor Government’s extra city-focused investments include light rail for the Gold Coast, a new Brisbane entertainment precinct and investment in education for south-east Queensland schools only.

“I don’t believe this is a targeted attack by the Government on North Queenslanders – because that would require intent – this is simply the Queensland Labor Government following the votes and neglecting people who live outside the south-east,’’ Mr Katter said.

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