KAP Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter warns of mixed messages and critics hysterical about gun violence, following calls for a national register.

“This isn’t a new idea, there are already plans for a national firearms interface, which was supported by both the KAP and the industry and allows for and information exchange between state registries,” Mr Katter said.

“The Australian Medical Association’s statements are pandering to spineless politicians who are opportunistically messing with workable firearms policy,” Mr Katter said.

“We will not support any further restrictions on legal gun owners as proposed by the Australian Medical Association, however the KAP has always been in favour of a national register,” Mr Katter said.

“Unfortunately the Palaszczuk government did not support funding real time sharing, which was a clear result of the lack of consultation with the industry,” he said.

Mr Katter believes the more information sharing the better on this issue, however is concerned legal firearm owners are again being condemned in this debate.

“While the AMA talks about a shared registry, their proposal has nothing to do with unregistered firearms – so put funding into policing resources to tackle illegal guns, not burdening our farmers and sporting shooters,” he said.

Mr Katter, who’s party has criticised the State Government for their lack of consultation on the National Firearm Agreement said the AMA had also previously opposed a prohibited persons register.

“The fact is, no one is proposing to water down firearms laws, people want the police investing more time and resources chasing the licensed owners who aren’t the problem or more support for the real cause of issues with criminals.

“We need to look at those falling through the cracks and obtaining guns illegally, not add layer upon layer of red tape,” he said.



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