Dear LNP, stop whinging and join the fight against Labor

State KAP Leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter says the LNP has spent so much time whinging about the KAP it’s as if they’ve given up trying to beat Labor.

Rather than joining the KAP’s fight against the Labor Party’s shocking policies, or proposing solutions of their own, the LNP continue to chase “gotchya” moments in the media and whinge about the KAP.

On Wednesday, Dale Last and Tony Perrett said it was terrible that the KAP didn’t show up to estimates to ‘grill’ the Agriculture Minister. In response Mr Katter has questioned what outcomes the seven LNP members achieved while outside their electorates.

“In my experience, if you’re trying to make better policy and find solutions to the many problems created by this Labor Government, there is no worse place than estimates,’’ he said.

“These are the sorts of questions the seven LNP members asked in estimates yesterday:

– How much the Agriculture Department spent on advertising?
– Allocation of funds for ‘extension officers’ in the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy?
– An explanation about Sun Water’s water tariffs?
– An update on a study of flood mitigation options for Wivenhoe Dam?

I’m sure these things have some level of importance however, I’m also sure they can be answered through a letter to the Department or the Minister’s office.”

Mr Katter highlighted the fact that the LNP members didn’t propose any solutions to problems while in estimates.

“While they were in Brisbane, not one of the seven LNP members sitting on the committee proposed solutions to any problems,’’ he said.

“They didn’t speak about a rural development bank or the farm finance crisis nor did they put forward solutions for water shortages. They didn’t even say what they were going to do about reversing Labor’s vegetation management laws.

“The LNP’s obsession with trying to make everyone else look bad is a very transparent strategy to cover their own failings, it’s like covering a lightbulb with Glad Wrap.

“Nothing the LNP has done this week in estimates has helped to further their policy agenda or persuade voters that they’re the best people to run the state – and they wonder why they lose elections.

“All they’ve done by stacking estimates committees is demonstrate contempt for our intelligence that they think Queenslanders are impressed when a Minister can’t answer one of their questions about how much a department spent on grog last year.’’

He suggested the LNP take a different tack in their approach to politics.

“How about doing something meaningful?’’ Mr Katter said.

“The LNP have not introduced any bills to try and stop the veg management laws; KAP have introduced two. The LNP didn’t support a KAP disallowance motion against changes to the national firearms agreement which were bad for farmers and they didn’t support a KAP motion to give ‘as of right’ access to category H firearms for farmers. The LNP voted with Labor to block KAP’s dairy bill and they voted with Labor to deny debate on KAP’s croc bill.

“The LNP is long on criticism but short on solutions.”

Mr Katter said he’s keen to have an open dialogue with Deb Frecklington to understand her issues better.

“I’m sick of hearing the LNP whinge about the KAP so I’m offering an open invitation to Deb Frecklington to sit down and talk about the issues the LNP has with the KAP,’’ he said.

“Hopefully they will stop whinging and join us in fighting the government’s bad policies.”

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