Does the LNP support KAP’s croc bill?

State KAP leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter is today calling on the LNP to clarify whether recent comments from Mr Dale Last and Mr Jason Costigan mean the LNP will finally support the KAP’s croc Bill.

The KAP’s Safer Waterways Bill was first introduced in the previous parliament before being re-introduced into the current parliament in March this year.

“While the LNP voted with Labor in the previous Parliament to block debate on the KAP’s croc Bill we welcome, what appears to be, a change of heart by Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan and Burdekin MP Dale Last,’’ he said.

“On Tuesday, Mr Last was quoted as saying ‘they’ve done enough croc counts, there needs to be some concrete action’ and Mr Costigan was quoted as saying crocodiles were ‘breeding like rabbits.’

Mr Katter says the LNP has done nothing themselves to try and address this public safety issue and have even voted with Labor to block debate on the KAP’s croc Bill which would enable the culling of crocodiles and the creation of new industries in North Queensland.

“In the past the LNP has been all talk when it comes to dealing with crocs but they have never come up with the goods,’’ he said.

“If nothing else they should clarify whether they will be getting behind the Bill or not after Mr Last and Mr Costigan’s comments.’’

KAP member for Hill Shane Knuth, who introduced the Safer Waterways Bill into parliament for a second time in March, said it was disappointing the LNP had voted to block debate on the Bill in the previous parliament.

“If the LNP didn’t vote with Labor in the previous parliament to block debate on this Bill perhaps we wouldn’t be having this conversation today,’’ he said.

“Mr Costigan is on the committee investigating the Safer Waterways Bill so he will need to declare his support by the reporting date next month.

“We also look forward to his vote and the vote of Mr Last when the Bill comes up for debate.’’

The Innovation, Tourism Development and Environment Committee will be holding public hearings in Cairns (August 27), Port Douglas (August 27), Townsville (August 28) and Mackay (August 29) on the Safer Waterways Bill.

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