Government short-sighted with dam proposal: Katter



Robbie Katter has slammed a proposal by the State Government to lift the height of the Burdekin Falls Dam.


The Katter’s Australian Party State Leader said the logical solution for water security and industry development in North Queensland was the Hell’s Gate Dam proposal.


“It makes no sense that the State Government is pursuing the raising of the Burdekin Falls Dam wall when Hell’s Gate Dam is clearly the most viable option,” he said.


“It shows that they aren’t serious about the water situation in North Queensland, because if they were, they would be pushing to complete Hell’s Gate Dam.”


“Hell’s Gate Dam has wide-ranging ranging benefits – it is a long-term, nation-building project that will create tens of thousands of jobs through irrigation opportunities.”


“It will also building drought resilience that will benefit the community greatly.”


Mr Katter said North Queensland desperately needed jobs and water security.


“The Hell’s Gate Dam proposal ticks both boxes in terms of creating jobs and drought-proofing the region,” he said.


Mr Katter said the Hell’s Gate Dam proposal has been on the priority list for the KAP for some time and had been discussed at the highest levels of government.


“The North desperately needs a big-ticket project to enable industry for jobs and prosperity,” he said.


“The unemployment problem will never be rectified unless we can unlock industry – which is what the Hell’s Gate Dam will do.”


“Unfortunately, the Government is going for the soft and more costly option, instead of engaging in a true nation-building project.”






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