Green hate campaigns need to be called out

Katter’s Australian Party MPs have thrown their support behind Australian farmers and workers following the release of an ill-informed, invasive and dangerous online mapping tool that is effectively a “hit list” targeting producers for their mere existence.

The Aussie Farms Map, run by the not-for-profit “charity” of the same name, is an interactive map that shows the exact location of the nation’s farms, abattoirs, animal parks and race tracks.

It was launched earlier this week and has garnered significant media coverage and fierce online debate since.

Aussie Farms’ self-styled objective is to “end commercialised animal exploitation in Australia” and the group believes in the right of “animals not to be owned or exploited for human purposes”.

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said these phrases were euphuisms for shutting down industries and economies in rural and regional Australian towns.

He said while extreme green groups were fully entitled to live within their own warped versions of reality, the Aussie Farms Map was a gross overstep that needed to be called out.

“The campaigns and behaviours of these radical green groups are becoming militant and are encroaching on illegal – they should be of concern to any fair-minded person,” he said.

“This Aussie Maps tool can only be called a hit list, and it is evidence of how certain ‘charities’ are operating strategically to ruin the nation’s food security and the livelihoods of thousands and thousands of good Australians.

“These groups are out to purely destroy the lives of others in order to be gratified through satisfying their own ideological needs.

“In most instances, many of them have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.”

Mr Katter said Australia had some of the highest animal treatment welfare standards in the world and while animal cruelty should be stopped in any instance, insinuating farmers trying to make a living were involved in such behaviour by default was purely insulting.

Federal KAP Leader and Kennedy MP Bob Katter said Aussie Farms appeared to be a ‘hate our fellow humans’ movement.

“To impose this sort of stress upon our farmers will result in more suicides amongst them; but naturally the number of farmers that take their own lives wouldn’t cut any ice with this sort of ‘hate our fellow humans’ movement,” Mr Katter Snr said.

“The greenies have got a hit list and let’s face it – the farmers and miners provide our food, motor cars, homes, as well as our roads, communication and energy – these are the people that they attack; the working and risk-taking class.

“Half the greenies are lap dogs and the receivers of huge donations from big corporations – I’d call it corrupt protection money.

“The farmers have had all their land rights taken off them, they live out there in the middle of nowhere producing food to feed people – yet these people take pride in hurting our farmers. This is just cruelty to humans.

“The greenies protect the crocodiles, yet the crocs are wiping out a whole range of species because their predators have been removed, but they as predators have been enhanced.

“This of course requires sophisticated thought which you’re not likely to get from a greenie.”

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