Greenvale road a “recipe for disaster”

State KAP Leader and Member for Traeger Robbie Katter has called for the speed to limit to be cut on a section of road from Charters Towers to Greenvale, warning it is only a matter of time before someone is killed due to the dangerous

Mr Katter said the poor state of the narrow section of road around 20km south of Greenvale, coupled with more trucks on the road due to increased economic activity in the region, was currently a “recipe for disaster.

“In the last few months our office has had numerous reports about near-misses along this section of road, with some people thanking their lucky stars that they’re alive after being forced off the single-lane road by trucks.

“I personally went out to inspect the road myself and I too ended up being run off the road by a truckie who was roaring down the road at full pelt.

“In the short term we need the speed limit reduced and signage erected to communicate this clearly, especially to any truck drivers who may or may not be familiar with the area.

“However in the long term, we need this whole section of road widened and made safer, especially for those families who are just trying to travel to and from their homes at Greenvale.”

Mr Katter said he had written to Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey asking for an urgent speed limit assessment, which takes into account the numbers and types of vehicles frequenting the road.

Currently the speed limit in the area is 100km/h, but Mr Katter has asked it be reduced to maximum 80km/h until the Department of Transport and Main Roads can undertake widening and strengthening works on the section of road.

“We have quite a lot of economic activity going on in and around the Greenvale area at the moment, which is excellent but it is obviously going to impact on the flow of traffic,” he said.

“We can’t play with people’s lives here – this is something that needs to be addressed and addressed quickly.”

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