ICPA a strong and necessary voice in education

ICPA Conference in Cloncurry - With Pres Kim Hughes


Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter has today congratulated the Queensland Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) on their strong efforts for education equality.

 Mr Katter said the group who had previously made representations to him and other members of parliament should be proud to have secured a 5% increase in the funding to the Living Away from Home Allowance Scheme (LAFHA), which assists isolated families gain access to education services.

 “The 5% rise in funding confirmed by the Education Minister today is something the ICPA should be proud of, however this isn’t all that needs to be done for the isolated families struggling to meet school fees.”

 After meeting with delegates at the Cloncurry state conference Mr Katter said he also hopes to help the association gain access to drought assistance funding for school and educational travel fees.

 “The rural crisis is firmly embedded in Western Queensland, some of these families haven’t had an income for years –  the cost of schooling is a real issue,” Mr Katter said.

 “These aren’t people that want to earn huge amounts of money, they just want their kids to have the best chance in life.”

 The regional member said the strong representation the group is a much needed voice for the advancement of regionally isolated children.

 “I’ve heard stories of parents moving up to 6- 7 hours drive away from the property so they can afford to have their kids attend school,” Mr Katter said.

 “The other parent is left on the land in an empty house already gripped by drought, already in a mentally challenging position –  it’s no good for anyone, we need to fix this now.”

 Mr Katter has also committed to lobbying the Government for reliable internet connection for all  distance education students.

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