1. Regionalisation of a $15,000 first-home buyer’s grant and a $25,000 grant for buyers of existing homes in regional mining centres; and consider releasing State land for low-cost rural-residential housing developments.

2. Guarantee there will be no more cuts to our public service jobs or services in the region which have greatly damaged our economy and undermined our sustainability as a regional population.

3. Greatly increase the allocation of irrigation water from 80,000 ML to 300,000 ML for the Flinders Irrigation Project giving it the impetus it needs to become the Food Bowl of Queensland. It will become a catalyst to feed our nation in the future.

4. An adequate Royalties to the Regions program including a requirement that a portion ‘must go back to the region from where the income was extracted’. The current pilot is insignificant and is seeing these monies gravitate predominantly back to the South East Corner.

5. That the recommendations of the 50-year plan for the supply chain from Mount Isa to Townsville be adhered to provide more rail and port capacity and take traffic off our roads, along with greater commitment to our roads network – particularly along the Flinders Highway.

6. Greater support for rural and remote education facilities, including School of the Air, and an assurance there will be no more school closures or downgrading of staff numbers.

7. Further development of opportunities for live export and increased assistance for graziers battling devastation from fires and the restrictions of Bovine Johnes Disease.

8. Increased development of research into biological control and other methods to significantly reduce and manage the infestation of the prickly acacia weed which is rendering much of our grazing land unsustainable.

9. Funding and implementation of the transmission line from Townsville to Mount Isa to greatly enhance access to greater electricity supply at nationally competitive prices.

10. No more cuts to health positions in the state and assurance remote and rural health facilities will not be downgraded.