KAP calls for Federal Labor to come to water party

The Queensland Labor Government is being urged to be “shovel ready” to ensure the historic $230 million federal funding windfall secured by the KAP proceeds without red tape delays and is not used as a political football in the upcoming
Federal Election.

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said the funding deal, struck between the Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, and the Prime Minister, was an historic one and must be embraced by the State Government.

“This is good news for Queensland and I trust the State Government will see this nation building project for what it is – a massive investment in rural Queensland economies and the cities of Charters Towers, Hughenden and Townsville,” he said.

“If anything Queensland Labor should be getting Federal Labor to match this funding.

“The KAP is committed to delivering for the North and we look forward to working with all governments – State and Federal – to deliver these projects which will fundamentally transform the economics of our region into the future.”

Mr Katter called on the State Government to make sure it was “shovel ready” so the Queensland economy was in a position to take on the $230 million injection of cash immediately.

“This is a great win for Queensland, and particularly north Queensland where we desperately need jobs and development infrastructure now.

“I am very happy for and proud of my father for going out on a limb for these projects and being hugely successful in obtaining funding.

“It is sad that local LNP representatives struggling for relevance have tried their best to, at the same time, criticise the funding and claim credit for it.”

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