KAP delivers sweet success

Shane & Rob


KAP Member for Dalrymple for Shane Knuth has welcomed the move to accelerate his Sugar industry real choice in Marketing Bill  to be voted on by the 3rd of December this year.

 The fast track motion, which was unanimously passed in the house today was seen as another positive step towards market reassurance for sugar cane producers.

 “This move alone shows that there is significant support for our Bill,” Mr Knuth said.

 “I see this as recognition from both the Government and Opposition that there is significant support for our efforts to provide real choice in sugar marketing.”

 The Bill which will now be decided by the last sitting for the year ensures that grower’s economic interests and livelihoods are safe guarded within the market.

 Mill owners have stated they will exit the long standing Raw Sugar Supply Agreements (RSSA) with Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) by 2016.

 “It is imperative action is taken,” Mr Knuth said.

 “This endorsement should be encouraging news for all of Queensland who survives off the back of the sugar industry.”

 Mr Knuth said he was happy to continue to work with both sides of Government to assist the multibillion dollar Queensland industry.

 The KAP crossbenchers were also pleased that the Sugar industry (Real Choice in Marketing Bill)  has received the endorsement of the Member for Cook Billy Gordon.

 “This provides the numbers for the bill to be passed with the support from either the Government or the Opposition,” Mr Knuth said.

“Immediate action needs to take place – it is clear this bill is the solution the industry has been crying out for.” 

Member for Mt Isa Rob Katter who sits on the Agricultural committee which oversaw the review of the Bill said the importance of the bill was significantly understated in the tabled report.

“I am glad to see that Shane’s bill has been considered further, I have no doubts this is music to the ears of Queensland Growers.”

“ We will always fight for the rights of our producers to ensure they have a fair go.”


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