The KAP are calling for a number of industry building infrastructure projects and drought support packages in the upcoming budget.

“We believe there should be a refocus on small business, agriculture and large scale projects which could benefit a number of people in the community,” Mr Katter said.

With a year of the Palaszczuk Government under their belt, Member for Mt Isa Rob Katter and Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth are hopeful the KAP’s strong position on regional funding will secure some long term economic drivers for rural and regional Queensland.

“Communities in two thirds of Queensland’s landmass are suffering, that’s a huge portion of our state.

Clearly we need to reinvigorate and stabilise the industries that support and surround them – that is the making of a smart government,” Mr Katter said.

Primarily the KAP is focused on the government following through on rural town building packages highlighted in recommendations put forward by the Rural Debt and Drought Taskforce earlier this year.

“The Rural Debt and Drought Taskforce report detailed a number of ways to address issues existing in rural Queensland,” Mr Katter said.

“Simple solutions such as extending access to financial assistance for children’s education will help areas gripped by the debt crisis,” he said.

Mr Katter believes an extended QRAA facility which will serve as a reconstruction board as proposed in his Rural and Regional Adjustment (Development Assistance) Amendment Bill should be included in the budget agenda.

“If we are serious about attending to the debt and drought problem in rural Queensland the government must take this on board,” Mr Katter said.

Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth says a reconstruction facility as proposed by the Bill will provide the funds to develop a number of issues.

“Debt is the number one issue in these regional economies; it affects towns, businesses, properties and the individuals operating them.

“This facility driven by the findings in the Taskforce will help build back sustainability and development of Queensland’s industry and agricultural sector.

Mr Knuth is expecting the government to follow through on a number of vital shared infrastructure projects for North Queensland.

“For a long time we have waited on a commitment from the state government to deliver on shared facilities such as the Flinders highway and the Gregory Development Road, and Hell’s Gate dam,” he said.

“These projects will allow a multitude of industries to build on business opportunities and extend our competitive ability as a region.”


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