The KAP have continued the fight for both the agricultural and mining sector following the passage of the Water Legislation Amendment Bill and the Environmental Protection (Underground Water Management) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

 “We fight for farmers, but mining projects that have already been through the checks and balances also need a fair go, unfortunately our push for further water development options did not have support,” Mr Katter said.

 “Our amendments which were voted down by the government and Billy Gordon were to ensure economic development is considered hand in hand with ecological sustainability when working out who has access to water resources – this is vital for development.”  

 “Unfortunately the government and Mr Gordon were opposed to any of these changes.

 “These changes which could have developed irrigation schemes to support local jobs, and help our struggling towns reverse years of population decline,” he said.

 Mr Katter said he and KAP Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth however were successful in pushing both sides of the house on a number of concessions, for both landholders and mining projects in Queensland to provide certainty for these projects.  

 “Despite the hypocrisy of the LNP’s on again off again relationship with Acland, the KAP remained consistent on their support for Adani developments.” Mr Katter said.

 “It was curiously the LNP who made claims of dirty deals, yet they first campaigned against the Acland mine, and then following substantial support from the mine the Newman government conveniently lowered the bar just enough to allow the mine to operate,” he said.

 Member for Dalrymple said the efforts through the EPOLA  amendments have ensured a future for the regions.

 “We are pleased we have found the middle ground between the complexities of the legislation that had the potential to unreasonably restrict some projects,” Mr Knuth said.

 “At no point did we want to force projects that had already been through these rigorous processes back into the court.

 “We wanted to ensure a future for those families who depend on these projects, particularly those in my electorate,” he said.

 “We have continued to fight for responsible management of water allocations and the opportunity for development in Queensland,” Mr Knuth said.


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