KAP stays firm on rural policies

 In the midst of the political turmoil Queensland finds itself in, KAP is continuing to focus on getting the best outcomes for rural and regional Queensland, says KAP Leader and Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter.

“Shane Knuth and I are committed to delivering on priorities like regional roads, a reconstruction board (development bank) and bio fuels (ethanol mandate).

“We’re heavily focussed on delivering industry and job outcomes, particularly in rural and regional Queensland, which has been forgotten in the geo-political bias of our system that favours the big cities,” Mr Katter said.

“I think in general Queenslanders are sick of seeing their taxes spent on populist infrastructure for vote buying in the cities when what we desperately need is more industry creating jobs.

“Most of those opportunities exist in the regions.”

He said there were no deal-breakers in this process.

“There are a lot of big ticket items that relate to rural and regional Queensland, and you could argue that each one is of equal importance.”

With regards to the Billy Gordon issue, Mr Katter said he has a right to natural justice.

“Let the judicial process take its course.

“We’ll be seeking to work with him on the cross benches, as long as he remains there, simply to advance the cause of rural and regional Queensland.

“That’s our focus and we’re not deviating from that.”


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