KAP to demand action on Adani in Parliament

The KAP has announced it will seek leave to move a motion at the next day of Parliament in June to demand the Queensland Government immediately approve the Adani mine.

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said there had been plenty of bi-partisan talk in support of Adani this week, however the KAP wanted MPs to formalise their positions in Parliament.

“The Palaszczuk Government only has a slim majority and when KAP, LNP and crossbench MPs are taken into account only four Labor MPs would need to cross the floor to get the mine started,” Mr Katter said.

“If the motion is successful the State Government would be forced to stop their disgraceful delay tactics and give the mine the due approvals it needs to ensure North Queenslanders are employed as soon as possible.”

“Once Adani gets the approvals, the pressure will be squarely on the company to start delivering the jobs it has promised to North Queenslanders.”

Labor holds 48 seats in Queensland’s 93 seat parliament.

The KAP, which holds three seats, says the LNP, One Nation’s Steve Andrew and Independent Jason Costigan would likely support the motion which means only four Labor MPs would need to cross the floor to get to the 47 needed to guarantee the motion was successful.

“If the three Townsville based Labor MPs don’t support this move by the KAP they might as well announce their retirement at the same time. It would show such a betrayal of their constituents,” Mr Katter said.

Other regional Labor MPs who could be expected to vote to support the motion are:

– Julieanne Gilbert in Mackay
– Brittany Lauga in Keppel
– Glenn Butcher in Gladstone
– Barry O’Rourke in Rockhampton

Mr Katter was scathing of the furore this week kicked up by Townsville three Labor MPs, saying it was too little too late.

“These Townsville MPs have had 18 months to push the agenda of regional Queensland and they haven’t done it,” he said.

“We cannot trust that they’ll do anything for the regions in cabinet except take a bigger pay cheque.

“There is only one test that will unequivocally demonstrate they put the regions before they’re party and that’s crossing the floor.

“They didn’t do it with veg management, they didn’t do it with crocs and they continue to support government budgets that bleed the regions dry while stuffing more public servants and indulgent infrastructure into the south east.

“If they want to show they support regional Queensland they will support KAP’s Adani motion.”

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