KAP urges communities to access support

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter is urging North Queensland residents facing ongoing catastrophic flooding to be aware of what State and Federal Government support is available to them.

Communities from Cloncurry to Townsville have been lashed by torrential rain, flooding and isolation over the past week, with forecasters giving little certainty over when conditions are expected to ease up.

Mr Katter said Townsville remained the epicentre of the disaster, and the KAP was readying to deploy its MPs and other members to help with the clean-up in the coming days.

“While this rain has been a welcome break from drought for many on the land, it has truly devastated North Queensland, and particularly Townsville, in ways no one could have expected,” he said.

“While the North is still waiting for the weather to settle down, many have obviously turned their thoughts to the clean-up and the long road ahead to re-build.

“It can be difficult to know where to turn to get help but there is some government support available and we want to make sure everyone is aware of this so they can claim what is needed to help them get back on their feet.”

Mr Katter said residents from areas in Burdekin Shire Council, Charters Towers Regional Council (Hervey Range only), Cook Shire Council, Douglas Shire Council, Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council, Townsville Shire Council and Wujal Wujal
Aboriginal Shire Council were eligible for personal hardship financial assistance from the State Government.

This includes:

– Emergency Hardship Assistance of $180 per person up to $900 for a family of 5 or more (Please note, this is also available to those who do not live in, but are stranded in, targeted activation zones)
– Essential Household Contents Grants (eligibility criteria applies) of up to $1,765 for single adults and up to $5,300 for couples/families
– Structural Assistance Grant (eligibility criteria applies) of up to $10,995 for single adults and up to $14,685 for couples/families
– Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Grant (eligibility criteria applies) of up to $4,200 (plus a $200 inspection fee grant) for the reconnection of electricity, gas, water and sewerage or a septic system

Please note, all of these schemes except for the Emergency Hardship Assistance Grant are means tested. They also are only available to those who are uninsured, or are unable to claim insurance.

The Federal Government also pays out to the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child as well as Disaster Recovery Allowance (the equivalent of Newstart or Youth Allowance) for upto 13
weeks to help those whose income is affected by a declared disaster.

Please note, only those in Burdekin, Cook, Douglas, Townsville and Wujal Wujal local government areas are eligible for this federal assistance.

Mr Katter said more information could be obtained by phoning the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349 or the Department of Human Services on 180 22 66.

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