KAP’S Government squeeze proves success


With will Atwood at existing Forsyth supply

RELIABLE water supply and opening up the opportunity for development are the key outcomes as Robbie Katter continues the push for the construction of the Charleston Dam.

The State Member for Mount Isa is pushing for a commitment to build the Charleston Dam to shore up water supply in Georgetown and Forsayth.

Whilst securing a clean, secure drinking supply was the priority for the project, Mr Katter said water storage infrastructure would stimulate growth in the region and sustain the proposed future increase in population for the Shire.

“There is a dire need to ensure security of water supply in Forsayth and Georgetown,” he said.

“Water is the lifeblood of communities and the backbone of development and economic activity.”

“The key ingredient to improving liveability, driving economic growth and enabling industry opportunities is water supply and accessibility.”

The Charleston Dam was identified as one of seven sites in Northern Australia as priority for Water Infrastructure Proposals for Major Dams and Upgrades in Pivot North, the Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia.

“Water is the key to Northern Development and if the government is serious about attracting a larger population and industry to the North, then water is the key to a sustainable future,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said he would continue to push for the Etheridge Shire Council’s funding applications to State Government to be prioritised.

“Etheridge Shire Council has applied for numerous funding opportunities but been knocked back,” he said.

“If the State Government is serious about jobs and growth in regional Queensland then there must be more suitable funding programs available to fit the criteria of building industry-enabling infrastructure such as dams.”

Mr Katter said water was key to fulfilling the exciting expansion opportunities in the Etheridge Shire, with the development of a number of projects set for the future.

With an estimated $4 billion in developments on the table in Etheridge, Mr Katter said developing the region would play a vital part in reducing Outback Queensland’s 15.1 unemployment rate.

“Etheridge is laden with potential for industry and jobs growth and that needs to be sustained by government support for key infrastructure,” he said.

“Committing to the Charleston Dam is in line with the State Government’s promise to support jobs in regional Queensland.”



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