Katter calls for review of shark control program

Katter’s Australian Party MPs are calling for desperately-needed common sense from the State Government in dealing with apex predators, following the tragic news of a fatal shark attack at Cid Harbour on Monday.

A man in his 30s sadly lost his life after being attacked, in what was the third shark attack in the area in the last two months.

KAP State Leader and Member for Traeger Robbie said the Palaszczuk Government’s shark control program was failing the people of Queensland.

He said Monday’s incident was the devastating effect of inadequate policies.

He said it also highlighted the impact of the government’s hesitation to legislate effectively on issues such as animal control out of fear of retaliation from extreme green groups and protestors.

“This sort of inaction amounts to the State Government having blood on its hands,” Mr Katter said.

“I have been informed that while there are currently nets and drum lines on around 80 beaches and islands in Queensland, there are none at Cid Harbour where they were so desperately needed yesterday.

“This is despite there being two near fatal shark attacks in this exact location merely weeks ago.

“While you cannot control nature and pre-empt these incidents all the time, this is simply appalling.

“Preventing people from being eaten while going for a swim is the kind of thing governments are meant to get right.

“I would expect to see an urgent and robust review of the state’s shark control program undertaken now.”

Mr Katter said both shark and croc numbers were exploding in Queensland.

“We can easily do more to protect human life from both sharks and crocs – why aren’t we doing it?” he said.

“The KAP has taken the lead on the crocodile issue with our Safer Waterways Bill because of the government’s failure to act.

“It concerns me that we now might find ourselves compelled to do the same for sharks in the interest of keeping innocent people safe.”

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