Katter calls out misguided Labor MP

Astounding comments made this week by Thuringowa MP Aaron Harper have only highlighted Labor’s gross governmental incompetence, State KAP Leader Robbie Katter has said.

Mr Harper on Tuesday accused the KAP, as well as the LNP, of not ‘tackling the important issues’ when referring to Labor’s Abortion Bill.

“I take real issue with suggestions the KAP has ‘not been willing to tackle’ the Abortion Bill,” Mr Katter said.

“We ‘tackled’ the issue straight away by saying we would oppose the bill and nothing has changed.

“We are a party of principle – we are not talking about abortion because we have stated our position on the bill.

“Mr Harper’s party spends most of its time tracking opinion polls to see where they will end up so that votes can be adjusted accordingly.”

Mr Katter said the Member for Thuringowa ought to give some more concern to the state of the Townsville economy which, despite his party’s claims, is not going to be fixed by just building a new football stadium.

“We haven’t heard boo from Mr Harper on the state of the Townsville to Mount Isa rail line business or on skyrocketing energy costs in the North West Minerals Province,” Mr Katter said.

“This province employs around 1000 people from the Townsville region, which is more than the Queensland Nickel Refinery did.

“We would like to see Mr Harper’s support on a transmission line being built to Mount Isa as well as the progression of Hells Gate Dam, both of which would stimulate the North’s economy and create permanent, sustainable jobs for Townsville.

“Coming out and saying loosening up abortion legislation is one of the biggest issues affecting the state at the moment is a slap in the face to voters in the North who can’t find secure work or are afraid to switch their power on each day.”

Mr Katter said culling crocs was hardly the KAP’s greatest political goal, however the party had been forced to act on the issue due to the Palaszczuk Government’s incompetence.

“Culling crocs are not what we see as our main issue, but Labor has showcased its incompetence in that it has refused to help prevent North Queenslanders from getting eaten in their local waterways,” he said.

“We would much rather be focused on enabling industry and creating work opportunities but the government has failed us on this issue and therefore the KAP has been compelled to speak out.”

Figures released in July as part of the State Government’s Queensland Crocodile Management Report indicated that crocodile numbers in the state are increasing rapidly, with a total of 684 estuarine crocodile sightings reported in 2017
compared to 378 in 2016.

Back in 2010 there were only 176 sightings reported.

“What has the Member for Thuringowa done in response to these figures? Nothing,” Mr Katter said.

“This is yet another example of a local MP bending the knee to their party’s southern overlords.”

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