Katter demands return of water dividend for Mount Isa

Media Release - MIWB dividends2

Photo source: http://outbackrover.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/water-pipe.html

-PAXP-deijE KAP Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter is calling for a portion of the Mount Isa Water Board (MIWB) dividends to be returned to the region.

“Up until 2014, the City Council received vital funds from the MIWB; however this coming year 100 per cent of it will be removed due to a decision by the previous government,” Mr Katter warns.

“In the last four years Mount Isa received an amount of up to $2,670,000 a year. This unfortunately will come to an end if something is not done.

“Our area has already faced major cuts, this is simply a tax in disguise,” he said.

As the MIWB was a locally paid infrastructure project Mr Katter felt it was only fair for a portion of the dividends to be returned to the very people who paid for the construction in the first place.

“We keep hearing about a ‘fair go’ but no one seems to be delivering it to our regions,” Mr Katter said.

“Lake Moondarra was 100 per cent built and paid for by Mount Isa Mines and its townspeople, 50 percent of the water storage at Lake Julius was also paid for by the community; why then are they the ones missing out?

“A lot of people have dug into their own pockets for infrastructure, it’s not the government’s role to take it away from them,” he said.

Since its commercialization in 2000 the MIWB has made a profit of between $4 million and $5 million a year, a portion of which was originally returned to Mt Isa until the measures put in place by the Newman Government.

Mr Katter also pointed out that the new $9.2million Mt Isa filtration system put in place to combat the recent blue-green algae outbreak was also paid for by the people of Mt Isa.

“We are paying for our own things most of the time,” Mr Katter said.

“The dam was built for and by Mount Isa Mines, and now the people of Mount Isa are putting a million dollars a year back into state coffers.

“I will not stop talking about this issue; my campaign will not end until something is done.”




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