Katter: Happiness is…

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 In the midst of a three year drought, with live cattle exports down and the downturn in the mining industry, the Member for Mount Isa said it’s still possible people in his electorate are the happiest in the State, if not the country.

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey, an annual study of nearly 20,000 Australians revealed that happy people tend to live outside major urban centres such as Sydney and Melbourne and Mr Katter believes this could be the key to contentment.

“The report says people who lived in towns smaller than 1000 people were most satisfied with life, followed by people living in bigger regional towns, and that’s a picture of the Mount Isa electorate,” Mr Katter said.

“We can look at the obvious features of small towns and even larger ones like Mount Isa, such as no traffic hassles, easy parking, peace and quiet, knowing your local retailers, knowing your neighbours, and our towns tick all the boxes.

“One important factor in happiness is work, and the survey revealed that; the more people work the better their health, and the happier they are. People come to Mount Isa to work; that’s why most of us are here. It stands to reason we’re going to be happier.”

On the health side, though, Mr Katter says we probably still have a long way to go in terms of maintaining a healthy weight.

“I do encourage people to get along to the Health Expo, starting this Friday, to see what healthy lifestyle habits they can adapt.

“We don’t just want to be happy; we want to live long lives,” he said.

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