Katter looks at balance of power

The State Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter said Premier Campbell Newman’s campaign tactics were becoming increasingly desperate as he faced the real possibility of Independents and minor parties holding the balance of power in the next Queensland Parliament.

“He has made it clear that he would rather sit in the opposition benches than rule as a minority government as he’s ruled out negotiating with Independent and KAP MPs if the LNP fails to win enough seats to govern on its own.

“This is big talk that is worthless and will mean nothing after Election Day.

“This strategy to scare voters into flocking back to LNP has failed and shows how badly the LNP have misjudged the public,” Mr Katter said.

“Without a Senate in Queensland, we have no checks and balances on the absolute power of a majority government, and we have seen that with the rushed legislation the government has rammed through in the past three years.”

Mr Katter cited the changes to the Electoral Act, changes to land tenure that is killing agriculture, the rushed VLAD laws, and the political appointment of the chief Justice as examples of rushed legislation and devious decision making.

“With KAP members and Independents holding the balance of power, we would see better drafted legislation, better and more rigorous debate in Parliament, and more consideration given to what the people of Queensland want, rather than just the politicians with their vested interests.”

Mr Katter said the crossbenches had already proven they were a force to be reckoned with when they banded together late last year to sign the Accord against asset sales.

“The KAP members also introduced six private members bills to Parliament last session, double what the heavily-resourced ALP did.

“We have proven we’re a force to be reckoned with in Parliament.”

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