Katter rails against asset sales


In an impassioned speech against asset sales in Parliament this week,  Mr Katter said the Newman government was so focused on reducing debt in the short term it was neglecting infrastructure development and our only real opportunity for growth.

Asset sales were like the government buying a block of Brigalow scrub along with a D9 bulldozer to develop it, Mr Katter said.

“After the first year of financials, they have panicked, asked the accountant for advice (Peter Costello), and proceeded to sell the dozer, their most critical instrument to derive more productivity from the land.

The solution, Mr Katter said, was for the government to work at the debt over the long term by leading industry development.

“If you are bereft of ideas on how this can be done I can offer many opportunities for income generating investments in the North West alone,” he told the House.

The blunt instrument of asset sales to correct our current fiscal situation was very simplistic and short-sighted.

“There is no imperative to facilitate industry growth in Queensland by providing critical infrastructure,” Mr Katter said.

The imminent sale of electricity assets including transmission lines was a disaster for the state, he added.

“These lines hold the key to most major development in the state and we are now facing handing over these keys to private industry to balance short term debt.

“This short term decision making may deliver some claw back in fiscal position for the current government but will create a terrible legacy for the rest of our lifetimes on every successive government who will be denied the opportunity to entice development through this utility.”

The promoted sale price of Queensland State assets may be the very thing that condemned the customers of that service to increased prices and degraded services in perpetuity, he said.


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