An avoidable croc attack on a farm in North Queensland shows KAP’s Safer Waterways Bill must urgently pass the Parliament.

KAP’s Candidate for Cook, Gordon Rasmussen, was called to a Mareeba property on Sunday afternoon where farm workers had been directed by the Department of Environment to capture crocodile.

A farm worker was in the middle of a cane harvest when he noticed the 1.4m crocodile.

It was alive despite suffering burns from a fire on the property over the weekend.

The harvesting company’s manager spent two hours trying to get hold of the Department of Environment to let them know about the croc.

When he finally got through, the department told him to catch the croc and take it to the local vet to be euthanised.

The harvesting company’s workplace safety officer, Daryl Bell, and a harvesting machine operator tried to capture the crocodile as instructed.

That was when Mr Bell was attacked.

The operator grabbed the tail and Mr Bell grabbed the jaws but its skin started to peel off.

He lost his grip and it grabbed his hand.

Its teeth went right through his thumb nail and a finger.

This is exactly why the Safer Waterways Bill needed to pass the Parliament urgently.

Under the Bill, the landholder could have killed the crocodile, ending its suffering from its burns and preventing Mr Bell being attacked.

The Safer Waterways bill is currently stuck in Parliament, unable to be voted on for nine months because of parliamentary rules that favour the major parties.


Published in the Innisfail Advocate, Innisfail QLD – 19 Jul 2017

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