Katter says Labor MPs are getting nervous over Premier’s “Pisasale-esk” leadership style

The Katter’s Australian Party says the Queensland Premier is now running the State in the same manner that Paul Pisasale ran Ipswich Council and that Queensland is entering a new era of political instability and bullying – similar to the last 12 months of the Turnbull Government – with Labor MP’s raising their concerns over the Premier’s leadership and political judgement.

KAP State Leader Robbie Katter says the attempt by the Premier to crush the KAP in Queensland by starving it of staff resources had backfired and opened discussion by her Labor Parliamentary colleagues about her political judgement.

“The Premier gets on her moral high-horse when it comes to people like Paul Pisasale, then she turns around and punishes people who don’t agree with her political views,’’ he said.

“The Premier is clearly so concerned about her own position that she’s willing to undermine the values of our democratic system to protect it.

“She obviously won’t tolerate any kind of dissent and I’m sure that’s raising concerns within her own party room.”

Mr Katter has backed warnings by the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (media release attached) that the Premier’s action contradicts standards set by the Fitzgerald Inquiry and sets a dangerous precedent.

“It is pretty clear that under Mr Pisasale, Ipswich ran as a dictatorship where every attempt was made to crush those who spoke up against what was going on in Ipswich,’’ he said.

“This is also Malcolm Turnbull Mark-two. We have had members of the Labor Party come to us in the last fortnight to raise serious concerns about the Premier’s decision.

“In terms of taking a dictatorial approach, the Premier is the new Paul Pisasale in Queensland. She is running Queensland like a dictator and a one person band – just like Paul Pisasale did in Ipswich and just like Malcolm Turnbull did in Canberra. And we are now starting to see the same warning signs of leadership rumblings.

“I’m expecting we’ll see Labor members begin to put more pressure on the Premier to stand down as the full impact of her decision is felt.

“The Premier’s actions call the entire Labor Party’s credibility into question and to limit the damage they must respond by forcing her to stand down.”

Mr Katter confirmed today that he had taken legal advice that the Premier is in breach of sections 60, 78 and 415 of the Criminal Code by withdrawing staff from the KAP.

“The legal advice is clear,’’ he said.

“I have referred this matter to the Crime and Corruption Commission and I have asked for an immediate investigation in to the Premier’s actions.

“We will not let this matter rest because freedom of speech is at the heart of our democracy in Queensland.

“This goes far beyond the KAP losing staff. It’s about the sort of political leaders Queenslanders can rely on.

“Any leader who tries to shutdown dissent with threats and intimidation will pay the ultimate political price at the hands of Queenslanders who know they deserve better.’’

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