Mount Isa State MP Robbie Katter has voiced his strong support for LAFO (Law Abiding Firearm Owners) saying the major parties have again shown how out of touch they are with voters;

“The Queensland Labor Government has refused to consult with the people of North Queensland and law abiding gun owners to enact the 2017 National Forearm Agreement (NFA), which would drastically restrict law-abiding shooters rights. This would make it more difficult and costly for all licenced shooters to pursue their activities including our own Commonwealth games Athletes.”

“I and the KAP have always been very strong supporters of law-abiding citizens to own and operate firearms. This latest endorsement of the NFA by Labor again shows the arrogance of the Government and treats the thousands of law abiding citizens in North Queensland like criminals and with utter contempt. This is a ridiculous use of public resources as there is no hard evidence to suggest that it has any impact on public safety.”

Independent polling by the LAFO to shooters and non-shooters in North Queensland show that 91% agree with farmers owning a shotgun for farm work, feral pest controllers licenced to use guns (89%) and sporting shooters using guns at gun clubs or to compete (86%). More than 8 in 10 voters (84%) in the marginal seats in Townsville say police resources should be used to target illegal gun possession among bikies and criminals, rather than applying further blanket bands or restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. If the NFA changes are enforced in Queensland it will result in ammunition rationing and the doubling in the cost of maintaining a licence.

“This is a significant election issue not only in the Townsville region but in my electorate and our Labour government has again dropped the ball and shown their contempt and lack of understanding of the people of North Queensland. This is the latest in a long line of restrictions and additional costs and burden placed on property owners in the North to make it even more difficult to viably operate their business. It seems the Government would be quite happy for our agriculture and cattle sectors to go to the wall and sell off to foreign investors,” said Katter.

“They are throwing away Government if they lose the North – all for the sake of appeasing their green voters in south Queensland, which to be honest is not a surprise to anyone. It’s a disgrace and an example of playing pure petty politics. Instead of consulting with the people on the ground (whom they are voted in to serve) and formulating a fair policy on firearms to NOT disadvantage North Queenslanders, they plough ahead with their blinkers on to appease the greens and the latte sippers in the west end.”

“The LAFO has launched a 12-month billboard campaign targeting Labor over gun issues, which we fully support,” said Katter

“The people of the North have literally had a gutful of poor policy decisions and poorly run Government from both major parties. We have had enough and it’s about time we voted as a block in North Queensland to kick them out of the North and keep the bastards honest.”



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