Katter urges Qantas to consider regional routes

The Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter is urging Qantas to consider its rural and regional passengers before making changes to its regional routes.

His actions come after being contacted by Winton constituents who were upset at the change in timetable of Thursday’s Longreach to Brisbane flights, resulting in no connectivity with the REX Airlines Townsville-Winton-Longreach flights on Thursdays.

“The REX flights used to connect with the Tuesday and Thursday QantasLink flights from Longreach to Brisbane, so Winton passengers could fly to Longreach then connect with Qantas to fly to Brisbane.
“Out of the blue, Qantas changed their departure time on Thursday, to leave earlier than the arrival of the REX flight from Winton to Longreach.

“Since my office contacted Qantas, they have said they’re changing the flight time back to fit in better with the REX flights, in June.

“I realise they don’t have to fit in with unrelated airlines’ timetables, but out in the bush we rely on good connection times.

“The main lesson I hope Qantas had learnt from this is to consult more with rural and regional communities – with the Mayor, the Council and the local MP before they make changes that can really upset travel plans,” Mr Katter said.





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