Land clearing ban driving bush fire menace

Tree-clearing red tape and the locking up of land under the title of National Parks is likely to blame for exacerbating the state’s current bushfire crisis, KAP State Leader Robbie Katter has said.

Mr Katter said the State Government had been negligent in allowing fuel loads in National Parks to go unchecked, thereby potentially adding to the bushfire crisis that has ravaged the state in the past week.

“Tree clearing was the mechanical way of doing just what our First Australian brothers did before us, in the aim of thinning out country,” he said.

“This thinning by burning is what has helped us in the past to reduce fire fuels and thus reduced the overall severity of bush fires.

“Now, by turning so many parts of Queensland into National Parks and hamstringing the abilities of land owners to clear their own places, I suspect the government has turned Queensland into an incinerator.

“It is very likely reduced tree clearing and the lack of maintenance on National Parks has contributed to higher fire risks and we are seeing total devastation as a result.

“The truth is that the best outcome is for private land holders to manage the land in most cases, with guidance from the likes of natural resource management groups.

“This is the best way to manage the environment, not just to turn everything into a National Park or a reserve that as a result often gets neglected.”

Mr Katter has backed calls from Queensland farmers who are demanding a far-reaching inquiry be conducted to determine whether environmental policies by the Palaszczuk Government are to blame for exacerbating the bush fires
experienced across the state in the past week.

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