Local solutions for alcohol fuelled violence says KAP

Rob and Shane with Redcliffe Dolphin League Club

Local solutions, not blanket bans say KAP MPs Shane Knuth and Rob Katter who have taken a stand against the government’s proposed Lock out Laws.

Holding the numbers with cross bencher and independent Cook MP Billy Gordon, Mr Knuth said it was essential more thought was put into the proposed laws which include severe trading hour restrictions.

“Why should all hotels and clubs across Queensland be restricted to the same set of rules as those in trouble spots?” Mr Knuth said.

“I believe violence is an issue, however punishing clubs and pubs who do the right thing at the sake of a few rogue traders is ridiculous.”

Mr Knuth believes responsible operators such as his old football club, the Redcliffe Rugby Leagues Club should be allowed to trade as normal.

“We see in Redcliffe a club with 35,000 members, which hardly has any incidents yet has to turn away its own members because of a measure aimed to tackle violence elsewhere,” Mr Knuth said.

“We cannot support this bill in its current form.

This issue needs to be resolved, publicans cannot develop their businesses or hire while they are stuck in this uncertainty,” he said.

Mr Knuth said the introduction of the laws would be disappointing for many Northern precincts who have worked hard to lower incident rates.

Member for Mt Isa Rob Katter said Mt Isa itself is a good example of tailored solutions.

“Each area is different and should be treated as such,” Mr Katter said.

“Precincts should be addressed on an individual basis, and tailored to the needs and concerns of that community.

“Early lock out times in Mt Isa work in my area however they may not apply to places like Port Douglas or Cairns or other places in the electorate because they have different needs,” he said.

“In Cairns the community and police have worked very hard to reduce anti-social behaviour in their own way.”

“Liquor lockout policies should not be one-size-fits all.”

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