Motorists to put ethanol to the test

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NOTE: Change of address to 466-486 Johnson Road, Forestdale. 

 KAP member for Mount Isa Rob Katter will be working hard at the bowsers tomorrow morning, pumping discount Ethanol fuel for Brisbane motorists to put to the test. 

 Fueling up with Minister Mark Bailey and the CEO of the Institute of Auto Motive Engineers Peter Blanshard, Mr Katter hopes the event which offers Ethanol fuel at a very cheap price will open up the conversation about biofuels. 

 “An Ethanol mandate is something we as a party have been working on for a very long time, it’s an important issue that needs to be brought to the public’s attention,” Mr Katter said. 

 “There are so many reasons for Queensland to drive Ethanol – to cut emissions, for the health benefits, to boost the industry and to ensure fuel security in a nation heavily dependent on imported fuel. 

 “Ethanol is something a lot more of us should be pushing for and using,” he said. 

 While happy to see progress Mr Katter said the 2%  mandate proposed is simply not enough. 

 “I want people to see just how beneficial this bio fuel is, this is an opportunity for the government to bring the state up to speed with the rest of the world, producing and using Ethanol,” he said.   

 “2% is just a spit in the ocean – it’s a nice gesture but won’t derive any development in the industry, however a discussion paper is just the start.” 

 Mr Katter said he will be happy to answer any questions motorists may have about the bio fuel. 

 If you’re in Brisbane and are looking to try out the fuel for a significantly reduced price make your way down to –

 WHERE: United Petroleum service station; 466-486 Johnson Road, Forestdale.

TIME: Tomorrow Tuesday, June 9th, 9am – Noon. 


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