Mount Isa water top of mind for Katter

Wednesday 11th February 2015

The Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter met with the Director General for the Department of Energy and Water this afternoon, in an effort to help sort out Mount Isa’s water woes.

“I’ve asked for some action from the State Government today regarding the operations of the Mount Isa Water Board and the need for a new filtration system,” Mr Katter said.

“It’s not good enough that people in parts of Mount Isa were without water yesterday and that the whole town is under threat of a water shortage.”

Mr Katter said the Mount Isa water situation is top of mind for him during negotiations with both LNP and ALP.

“I’ve had talks with the caretaker Government including the Director General today, and a private meeting with his staff in the last few days about the Mount Isa water situation, and I was in discussions late last year with the Minister for Energy and Water regarding the Mount Isa Water Board’s operations relating to this issue,” Mr Katter said.

The fact that the blue green algae count had risen from 200,0000 cell counts per ml to 3,500,000 over 15 months was an extraordinary situation that required assistance from the State government, he said.

“A filtration system should have been built 20 years ago.”

He said the cost of the delivery of water was at the forefront of KAP list of priorities presented to both major parties.

“We’re in a strong position to provide long term solutions for Mount Isa’s water storage and delivery problems,” Mr Katter said.

“People have been ringing my office in distress at the possibility of having to boil water and buy bottled water to drink.

“Some people in Healy and Townview had no water at all yesterday.

“The situation is clearly unacceptable and there is a responsibility of the State Government to assist.

“There has to be both a long term solution and a short term interim solution, and I look to working with both Council and the MIWB to deliver for the people of Mount Isa,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said his next step would be to meet with the caretaker Minister for Energy and Water, Mark McArdle.

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