“No more programs, no more reports”: North demands action on crime

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has lashed out at the State Government for its perpetual inaction on rising crime rates across the North, following a random vandalism spree in Mount Isa last night that saw the MP’s office sustain around $25,000 in damage.

Mr Katter and staff were alerted by police overnight to the incident, which saw dozens of rocks pelted through his office window, through a subsequent security screen and into plaster throughout the office.

A camping shop next to the local police station was also targeted, as was another local business.

Mr Katter said property crime, which was becoming relentless and increasingly violent, was a huge concern in his electorate and across North Queensland.

He said enough was enough.

“The message to the State Government is this sort of crime has been running rampant for a long time in Mount Isa and in the Gulf in places like Normanton and people are fed up, “he said.

“The crime in places like Townsville and Cairns, and also out west, is just constantly overlooked.

“No one was hurt last night, and the damage is already being repaired, but this incident has been a wakeup call to me as a State MP that something needs to be done.

“In this area we have a huge influx of people from the Territory, kids just running rampant around the town and these people just don’t respect the law at all.

“There are huge social problems and I, for one, am committing to getting onto the various social programs that are being run around town and try and jerk them into gear to make sure they are doing their jobs.

“I am also going to ensure I raise this as a matter of priority with the Minister for Police and see what action has been, and needs to be delivered.

“As always there is all this talk about programs and reports but no action – the North has had enough.”

A 28-year-old man from Mount Isa has been charged with three counts of wilful damage and obstructing police over last night’s incident.

He will face court on April 8.

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