Now, live from a paddock

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POLITICIANS have to be nimble with their words and posture, ensuring they can adapt to whatever situation arises.

It’s probably not such an important thing for urban-­based pollies who can drive around their entire electorates in an hour or so.

For the likes of State Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter, there are times when you simply can’t get into the local radio station for an interview.

Rob is pictured here during a radio interview after announcing progress on a rural debt taskforce.

Yep, the back of a Toyota Rav 4 was the makeshift studio as he chatted to the presenter for some 15 minutes, all the while keeping that pose, as if conducting a fire­ ant patrol, or waiting in the RACQ.

Now some may say he would have been better off in the near ­soundproof car, but then the listeners would lose so much of the atmosphere from the situation.

Being heard to be out and about shows they’re doing something other than, well, conducting media interviews from within air-­conditioned studios.

Also, it wasn’t his car. It was a good thing the car’s owner didn’t suddenly throw it in reverse and plant the foot. That would have made for some very different audio indeed.

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