Premier will not be handed “get out of jail free card”

State KAP Leader and Traeger MP said yesterday’s dis-endorsement of Senator Fraser Anning was in no way equal to handing the Queensland Premier a “get out of jail free card” for her shocking sacking of party staff.

Mr Katter said yesterday was a disappointing day for the party.

“It is a shame that the KAP has had to make the decision to dis-endorse Senator Anning however ultimately it was the right decision,” he said.

“Senator Anning recently made a number of decisions that went against clear requests from the KAP leadership and executive, specifically around the use of language that attempted to demarcate Australian society into people of “European” and people of “Non-European” backgrounds.

“This is not what the KAP is about, and it goes against our principles and does not reflect the direction the party wants to head.”

Mr Katter said media misrepresentation and political point scoring was rampant following the delivery of Senator Anning’s maiden speech in August.

“I will reiterate our support for the policy position Senator Anning took in his maiden speech, which was completely misrepresented by politicians and the media to push their own agenda,” he said.

“This was a disgraceful display of political opportunism and the Premier was the worst offender.

“The fact remains that the Premier, and those in her office and in her party room giving her advice, were so blinded by the opportunity to score cheap political points on the back of Senator Anning’s speech that they were willing to break the law to do so – and they did.”

Mr Katter said Senator Anning’s dis-endorsement by the KAP in no way diminished the seriousness of the case against the Premier.

“The fundamental issue surrounding the Premier’s actions has little to do with the KAP or the substance of the event that caused her to break the law,” he said.

“The fundamental issue is the Premier broke the law by threatening and bribing another politician, and the Labor Party continues to protect her and let her lead them.

“This completely undermines the integrity of their Party and the public should be very suspicious of the motives behind every single action and decision the Labor Party makes whilst under the Premier’s leadership.”

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