Protect Australian democracy from overseas interference: Katter


KAP State Leader Robbie Katter is horrified by revelations ASIO has had to warn the major parties about taking donations from two Chinese businessmen, who may be linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

 “I cannot believe it has got to this point,” Robbie said. “Australia’s political system should not be for sale.”

 “People confuse xenophobia with national interest,” Robbie said. “This is about the people running this country putting Australia’s interests first. I don’t see how anyone can disagree with that.”

 The country’s Attorney-General admitted to Fairfax Media and Four Corners, who broke the story, that foreign interference is a threat “to the very integrity of our democracy”.

 “I would have thought it’s a fairly simple first step: stop accepting foreign donations,” Robbie said.

 Robbie said if Australia was serious about putting itself first, and protecting its democracy from overseas interference, political parties needed to immediately stop accepting foreign donations. ​


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