Public Statement by Katter’s Australian Party regarding Labor’s proposed Abortion Policy

Katter’s Australian Party was founded on Christian Values and we believe that life is precious.

Federal Labor is now threatening to withdraw health funding from the states if they do not force public hospitals to perform abortions.

In comparison regional and rural areas have seen successive Queensland Labor Governments closing numerous birthing centres and ignoring the desperate need for more funding for essential medical services.

It clearly shows that the Labor Party have given in to the radical Left of their party.

Labor is assuming that all Australians support abortion for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy.

However, recent world debate has indicated otherwise. At 22 weeks, premature babies are kept alive around Australia and the world, with tireless efforts from doctors and nurses.

To propel abortion into our health system, as nothing more than an item number on a claim form is both shameful and unacceptable.

The impact of this public funding of abortions, has now been made an election ‘promise’, this in itself is also shameless and unacceptable.

The KAP Team, is the ONLY Party in Parliament that is fully committed to standing up for the rights of the unborn at any stage of development. We are resolved to be the voice for the precious voiceless.

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