Push to ease farmers’ power pain

KAP state leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has called for the State Government to extend its residential solar loans scheme to provide no-interest loans for graziers to install solar pumps on their watering points.

“The Premier has touted that these interest-free loans are all about assisting Queenslanders to turn to renewable energy and slash their power costs,” Mr Katter said.

“There is an opportunity for the Government our support farmers who are in need of financial relief as much as anyone in this state.

“Queensland farmers are some of the best environmental managers in the world and many would jump at the opportunity to introduce solar to their farms.

“But with ongoing financial pressures being compound by the drought, cash is not always readily available to for the initial set-up costs – an extension of this scheme to include farmers would rectify this.”

The Interest Free Loans for Solar and Storage Scheme was officially launched this week and offers $4500 loans for 3-kilowatt household solar system installation to eligible Queenslanders.

The loans are to be paid back over a seven year period.

“Solar-powered pumping systems, buffered by water storage tanks to account for fluctuations, are an affordable and low maintenance alternative to traditional diesel generators and windmills,’’ Mr Katter said.

“Once installed, they can supply free electricity all year round and require little to no maintenance.”

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