Queensland to suffer under another rail fail

There’s been another multi-billion-dollar rail fail In Queensland.

Queensland is set to lose billions of dollars in state revenue and the prospect of thousands of new jobs because the State Government has been railroaded over rail access to the Galilee Basin.

Katter’s Australian Party is branding it a multi-billion dollar ‘rail fail’ and wants the State Government to urgently review its decision not to fund rail access to the Galilee, thereby giving Adani a rail monopoly.

The KAP has welcomed the start of the Carmichael Mine but says the State Government’s refusal to fund rail access to the Galilee and North Queensland coal ports will deter future mining investment into the Galilee itself.

KAP State Leader and Member for Traeger Robbie Katter said Adani had been left with no choice but to build and operate the rail line itself, giving it an effective monopoly which would be a major deterrent to other mine start-ups in the

“The Treasurer can find $5 billion for the Cross River Rail project between her electorate and the Brisbane CBD, but not a cent for a rail line that will open up one of the world’s largest mine sites and bring a new era of prosperity to the people of Queensland,” Mr Katter said.

“This decision needs to be urgently reviewed.

“This is a rail fail of epic proportions that will end up costing Queensland billions of dollars and hundreds of potential new jobs that will be delayed or will never happen as long as there is a monopoly control on rail access in the Galilee.

“It is short-sighted thinking at its worst by the State Government.”

Mr Katter said State Government ownership of the rail access had been a fundamental platform of the Carmichael Mine proposal and Parliament had not been consulted or informed that it had been withdrawn.

“It appears the Government has been railroaded or more to the point, has been scared off, by the need to win the ‘greenie’ vote,” he said.

“They want to take the coal royalties but do not want to provide funds for the rail line to ensure that Adani does not have a monopoly on rail.

“As an investment in infrastructure, State Government funding and ownership of the rail line to the Galilee could have been a huge winner.”

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