Red letter day for common sense

KAP State Leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter declared today was a step in the fight for common sense after introducing the He Said, She Said Bill into Queensland Parliament.

“The KAP supports the rights of people to use any gender language speech they wish without the fear of punishment or retribution,’’ he said.

“People who chose to use traditional forms of gender speech such as he or she, boy or girl, or husband and wife should be able to do so.

“By introducing this Bill we wish to ensure the protection of people and businesses from punishment, intimidation or harassment from using traditional gender speech.

“There is no punishment for using non-gender-specific speech, nor should there be, but if we hold this to be true then obviously the same must apply for the use of traditional terms of speech.

“Unfortunately, this is not currently the case. Students are being punished for using traditional terms of speech such as ‘mankind’.

“We don’t want to see businesses fined or disadvantaged because they only have ‘his’ and ‘her’ bathrooms.’’
Mr Katter cited recent examples of bias against traditional speech such as Commonwealth Games volunteers being directed to use non-gender-specific speech, the fact a person’s sex is no longer necessary on a Queensland Driving License and Australian Defence Force handbooks on non-gender-specific terms.

“I believe people would agree these examples reveal the rapid change occurring regarding traditional speech and cultural norms in today’s society,’’ he said.

Mr Katter said people using gender specific language such as ‘him’ or ‘her’ were being intimidated by being characterised as ‘bigots’, ‘insensitive’ or ‘hate-filled’.

“I hope we can have a mature debate on this issue taking into account that people with alternate views must be heard and respected,’’ he said.

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