Report highlights Premier’s actions were unacceptable

The Queensland Parliament should now refer Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to the Ethics Committee, State KAP Leader Robbie Katter has said.

Mr Katter said the rest of Queensland was watching on to ensure the integrity of the Parliament was upheld, following the handing down of a scathing Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) report today into the Premier’s recent sacking of KAP staff.

He said the CCC’s report echoed a view shared across the state that the Premier had behaved unacceptably when she sacked KAP staff earlier this month over a speech delivered in the Federal Parliament.

“In light of the CCC’s findings it is clear that the Premier’s actions were unacceptable,” he said.

“The CCC did not rule out that the Premier had breached the Criminal Code, but unfortunately their mandate does not allow them to prosecute cases based on actions in the Queensland Parliament.

“This puts the obligation on the Parliament and the Speaker to deal appropriately with the Premier’s actions.”

Mr Katter said he fully supported the CCC’s position on removing resourcing decisions from the Government.

“Resource allocations need to be based on the principles of accountability and diversity in the Parliament,” he said.

“The Government, under the current leadership, have shown that they can’t be trusted to manage resources in a way that supports those principles – in fact they’ve shown they are willing to put petty politics above them.”

Mr Katter said the Premier needed to stand aside while the investigation continued, and needed to comply with the same standards that have been imposed on other members of her Government in the past.

“The Premier, and any of the Labor leadership involved in this decision, needs to stand down until the Speaker responds to the request to refer the Premier to the Ethics Committee,” he said.

“Given the questions over the Premier’s actions, the KAP’s resources should also be reinstated until a full parliamentary investigation is completed.”

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