Step by step for Ethanol in Queensland

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As parliament prepares to sit for the third time this year KAP Members Rob Katter and Shane Knuth are spurred on by the support of an ethanol mandate, both encouraged by the bipartisan efforts of the QLD parliament.

While not all of the amendments put forward last week by Mr Katter were agreed to, the mandate in its current state is still considered a step in the right direction.

“We will move forward with this plan again this week, provided it strongly drives towards the 10 per cent mandate and is not watered down. It’s something KAP has always been the champion for,” Mr Katter said.

“This is a policy that has been pushed back by both sides of government in the past, now in the current political climate it has a chance.

Just last year we saw the LNP knock back a similar private members bill put forward by KAP,” he said.

“Now only twelve months later we are beginning to iron out the details of an ethano
l mandate for Queensland.

“It means jobs for Queenslanders and fuel security for the whole country.”

As one of the main priority points of the regionally focused party, KAP remains determined to achieve the 10% mandate in the future.

“Biofuels have always been one of our central policies and we will continue to work toward it,” Shane Knuth said.

“We will take this one step at a time, we’re here to make a real impact – a 10% mandate has the ability to reduce tailpipe emissions by 30%.

“When we see improvements to the environment, fewer deaths in the city from vehicle emissions, a boost to agriculture and cheaper price at the pump we will know we’ve done our job,” he said.

With further intricacies to be discussed this week the members for Mt Isa and Dalrymple remain tentative but hopeful about the future.

“A meaningful result will show a minority government really can create positive outcomes,” Mr Knuth said.

“It’s a good turn around in support from both sides of government, I hope for the sake of Queensland this continues this week and into the next three years”.

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