Will the LNP ban the export of live cattle?

KAP State leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter is questioning the state LNP’s commitment to Queensland’s sheep and cattle industry after Warren Entsch declared his support for a ban on the export of live sheep.

“The LNP’s Warren Entsch is saying he supports the ban on exporting live sheep,’’ Mr Katter said.

“Is the Queensland LNP now philosophically opposed to all live animal exports?

“If that is the case, the next step for the Queensland LNP would be to support a ban on the export of live cattle. What’s the difference between the live export of sheep and cattle?’’

Mr Katter said it was unlikely the people of Leichardt would be happy if their elected member supported a ban on live cattle.

Mr Entsch has said he will be supporting the private member’s Bill introduced by Liberal MP Sussan Ley which calls for the end of live sheep exporting within five years.

“Queensland is the largest exporter of beef in Australia and Australia is the third largest exporter of beef in the world,’’ Mr Katter said.

“This industry is worth billions to our economy. If the LNP wish to ban the export of live cattle they are going to destroy the industry in Northern Australia.

“I think people are entitled to ask ‘what is going on here?’

“Perhaps this is another example of the LNP trying to play both sides of the fence. We saw the same thing when they voted with the ALP to block KAP’s disallowance motion on changes to the National Firearms Agreement. By doing this they supported the ALP in tightening restrictions on law-abiding firearm owners, including primary producers.

“I think we are seeing a further disconnect between the Queensland LNP and regional Queenslanders. The state LNP was only able to win a couple seats in North Queensland because they’ve been insincere about their support for regional Queensland. Warren Entsch’s position is a good example of this.

“They appear to treat their regional members with contempt. When two of their own members highlight the poor political decisions being made by their party the LNP’s response is to suspend both members rather than address the issues.’’

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