Cancelling the beleaguered 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games, and re-directing the billions of taxpayer dollars committed to it to essential services, must be the new Queensland Premier’s main priority, Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has said.

Mr Katter, speaking about the rise of Labor Left faction leader Stephen Miles to the rank of Premier, said he was not hopeful there would be any practical benefit to North Queenslanders under the new leadership.

“We are sceptical, but we wish the new Premier well, and hope that he is aware of the challenge ahead,” he said.

“The new Premier has an opportunity to demonstrate he leads a government for all Queenslanders and not just the south-east corner.

“He can do this very easily by taking three actions.

“The first being to heed the calls of former ALP State Director Cameron Milner who has said there should be a cancellation of the Queensland’s hosting of the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

“The second thing he can do is spend more of the money that is drawn from coal royalties, which is propping up the Queensland economy, in the regions that money is drawn from – including North Queensland. He can start with addressing the Flinders and Bruce Highways north of Rockhampton and out to Townsville.

“Finally, the youth crime crisis in North Queensland – perpetuated by a revolving door, catch and release system of youth justice – needs to be immediately addressed.

“The KAP has provided to the Deputy Premier, and the rest of his team, a copy of our proposal for Relocation Sentencing which would send these kids out bush, long-term.

“This immediately needs to be funded and trialled.”

KAP Deputy Leader and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto echoed the calls of Mr Katter while adding that a genuine focus on bush issues would be necessary for any state leader to put Queensland back on track.

“You can’t govern for the whole state while continuing an assault on the main pillars of our State’s economy,” Mr Dametto said.

“If the incoming Premier keeps to the previous playbook of destroying mining, agricultural and commercial fishing businesses while stifling regional development, he will be well on the way to losing support from key seats that shape Queensland.

“Regional Queensland was a land too far away for the outgoing Premier to connect with and understand.

“The North has been neglected and will be savage in their scrutiny of anyone looking to take the reins.”

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