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KAP supports bold plan to address North’s insurance crisis

KAP pushes governments to give a dam!

Katter calls for fast-track of highway upgrades

Queensland LNP a green-tinged chameleon: KAP

Answers needed on Premier’s obscene ad spend

Katter throws hat back in the ring

KAP calls out Liberals on dirty coal games

Labor aligns itself with ‘cancel culture’ attack

KAP challenges Labor to NQ dam test

Hidden health emergency at crisis point: KAP

Highway horrors prompts KAP’s calls for action

Saputo does First Australians no favours

KAP reignites calls for Kajabbi youth facility

On country programs weak, but welcome KAP

JCU must assure North of its autonomy

Language lunacy looms thanks to far Left

Public servants can plug volunteer void

Last outback market gardener’s legacy at risk

KAP calls for govt buy-in of desperate Qantas

Labor’s triple failure closes Dalby Bio-Refinery

Labor’s election laws favour only themselves

Outback innovation to keep virus spread at bay

Deeds not words needed to help First Australians

New health era on way for Charters Towers

State must step in on ‘roadside robbery’

Close of debate – Working with Children (Indigenous Communities) Amendment Bill 2018

Adjournment Speech – Advanced manufacturing/small businesses

KAP calls for community newspaper start-ups

KAP puts pressure on Premier to de-centralise

Vma Amendment Bill Second Reading Speech

Police Powers and Responsibilities and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 Contribution

Working with Children Amendment Bill 2018 (Second Reading speech)

Adjournment (CopperString 2.0)

Automation Hurting Local Jobs

Development Bank Our One Chance to Escape Peril

State Must Support Businesses on the Ropes

Power Companies Must Shoulder Virus Load

Un-Australian Exporters Must Go

Address Fifo Risks or Shut It Down Katter

Community Call-Out to Support All Through Crisis

Ports Ban a Blow to Live Export Trade

KAP Calls for Immediate Shutdown of Regions

KAP Implores all to ‘Look After Australia’

KAP Welcomes State’s Back-flip on Youth Crime