The Cloncurry Chamber of Commerce is calling on the State Government to deliver an expansion to the current hospital in the booming town.

Katter’s Australian Party Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter advised he was prepared to back the Chamber of Commerce on its calls following the town’s growth in recent years.

“Cloncurry has experienced a 34 per cent increase in population when comparing the most recent census data to the previous set.

“There is currently continuous mining expansion in the region which is obviously having a positive impact on the population.

“Late last year, Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited acquired 100 per cent of the Eva Copper Mine Project,” he said.

Eva Copper Mine, located 75 kilometres north of Cloncurry, was poised to become the largest new metal mine in North West Queensland.

Mr Katter said mining was a massive drawcard and would attract many more people to the region.

“Then on top of this, we have had the recent CopperString announcement which will see a further boost in the area which in turn will again attract a larger population,” he said.

“These are all great things, and is very promising for the town to see this growth and investment into the region, however now the town needs healthcare to match.”

Mr Katter recently met with Cloncurry mayor Greg Campbell to discuss progress in the push for extension but was advised there was no development.

“There are big concerns surrounding the compliancy of the hospital itself; there is a severe lack of resources, and the ergonomics of the hospital are questionable,” Mr Katter said.

“We understand that there are upgrades announced for additional bathrooms, however does not completely resolve the issue.

“For a town that is a super performer in terms of industry and wealth, the delivery of an extension to the hospital is the least the town deserves.

“This is about rewarding a community that has given so much to Queensland over the years in terms of productivity and wealth and there needs to be some give to coincide with all the taking the Government does from that area.”

Mr Katter said at the very least, Cloncurry should be delivered the bare minimum.


Photo caption: Robbie Katter MP with Doctor Cameron Hoare.

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