What will Net Zero cost us?

Too much, according to a recent poll published by the Institute of Public Affairs that showed more than 65 per cent of Queenslanders want to pause Net Zero, which is more than any other state.

Only 15 per cent support the policy.

You would be forgiven, then, for asking why – if there is such a great divide in public sentiment – we are represented by such a policy whitewash in our parliaments?

For example in the Queensland Parliament, which has 93 elected Members, there are only four us (the KAP’s three and ONP’s Steve Andrews) who are willing to put on record our skepticism about the nation’s Net Zero aspirations.

The rest of the Crossbench, including the Greens, and both Labor and the LNP have all signed on the dotted line.

How is this democracy?

When it comes to the having commonsense on issues of the environment, the Labor party is a write-off and has been for many years.

No longer the party of the worker, the battler, or the everyday Aussie, the Labor Party of today finds much of its appeal lies with inner-city elites and do-gooders who would sell their own grandmother before they ever voted for those nasty Tories.

We will continue to see Labor try to out-Green the Greens and, while they may come close, they’ll never beat that mob at their own game. The Greens have proven time and time again their appetite for absurdity is insatiable.

But at least Labor is honest about where their loyalties do, or don’t, lie.

We know it’s not with rural and regional Australians, and they know it too.

The LNP plays a much more deceptive game.

Out in the regions we see elected LNP State and Federal Members engage routinely in “double-think”, trying desperately to convince themselves and their constituents that the ethos of the old Nationals are still alive and well in their party.

Then we see the Federal Nationals Leader and the State LNP Leader and his Libs walk comfortably on the other side of the fence when in the city, endorsing Net Zero and all the calamity it would cause Queensland’s communities without so much as a sideway glance.

The LNP must know they can’t have it both ways.

It’s about time they came clean with their constituents and admitted the truth – there are no true “Nationals” left in Queensland.

Robbie Katter MP

Katter’s Australian Party Leader


Photo caption: Robbie Katter MP with coal miner Adam Burling in Callide, the heartland of Queensland’s coal-fired power supply.


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