The recent release of the State Budget saw a large win for Traeger roads, with upgrades funded along many of the electorate’s main roads, including the Flinders Highway, Gregory Developmental Road, Gulf Developmental Road, Burke Developmental Road and Hervey Range Road.


The allocation of funds to the Scrubby Creek crossing along the Flinders Highway was particularly welcomed, seeing an allocation of $42.7 million to strengthen the pavement and widen the floodway.


Katter’s Australian Party leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter visited the site last week to check out the commencement of the works.


‘It’s great to see this section of road finally getting the attention it needs,” Mr Katter said.


“At the best of times, these are difficult roads to maintain given they are built on black soil.


“As rail freight has declined, these roads have seen increasing amounts of heavy loads.


“This impact is usually most evident at bridges, culverts and crossings like Scrubby Creek.


“We have had a number of complaints from angry transport operators over the general condition of the Flinders Highways, although its usually these crossings that attract the most negative attention, and Scrubby Creek Crossing was the gold medal winner for the most complaints.


“The humpy surface over this crossing, not only compromises safety but can do severe damage to large and expensive heavy vehicles and loads.


“It is promising to see not just the allocation of funding but the commencement of works”, said Mr Katter, after meeting with workers on sight at his visit last week.


Mr Katter had been vocal on the issue and had been in touch with the Minister for Transport and Main Roads in regards to this particular crossing.


“Congratulations must be given to the McKinlay Shire Council, and Mayor Philip Curr”, Mr Katter said, “who have played a significant role in making this happen.”


“I look forward to the timely completion of this project and pushing for other desperately needed upgrades along this stretch of road.”



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